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"Unforgettable Memories: The Power of Planning Magical Vacations"

Let me give you a little backstory about how and why I started this Fairytale Journey.

Early on in my adult life I was not in a financial situation where I could afford to take my family to Walt Disney World. Finally, in 2013, when my daughter was 9 and my son 6, I was finally able to make that happen. So excited to go, we booked our trip about 30 days in advance. Today, that would give me a complete breakdown for my own trip!

Although that trip was wonderful and we made memories we will forever cherish, there were many, many mistakes. Those mistakes prompted me to start planning our next trip about 10 months in advance. I spent those 10 months researching everything I could about Walt Disney World and it was my goal to plan the "Ultimate Orlando Vacation," because we were also planning to visit Universal Orlando Resort!

I stressed and drove my family all crazy through those months, but in the end the outcome was AMAZING! We spent 3 nights at Universal Orlando Resort followed by 6 nights at Disney's Art of Animation Resort. We did all the attractions we wanted and most of them multiple times. We ate lots and lots of amazing meals, many of which are now must do meals on every single trip. 

The happiest faces are created by actually planning our vacation!

Since that second trip back in 2014, we have visited Walt Disney World several times as a family and because it is not my job, I visit several times each year. No matter what number trip is is for any of us, it just never gets old! Each trip always has several new experiences we haven't had before. We are always excited to try new things as well as revisit old favorites. As well as many of my own trips, I have also planned many trips for friends and family members, all having different varieties of ages and Disney experience levels. 

So, that brings us up to 2017 in my story. I finally listened to all my friends and family and found an agency to work with. I started my business and was on my way to becoming a full time Travel Agent Specializing in Disney Destinations. As much as I enjoy traveling to Disney myself, there really is no better feeling to me than for someone to tell me how I helped them have a magical vacation. I love turning Disney dreams into memories that will last forever!

Moving forward through time to the infamous year we would all like to forget, 2020. I am was doing it. I was making it! My business had grown well and I was slowing moving toward being able to quit my job as a Sleep Technologist and work solely as a travel agent. Enter COVID. A world-wide pandemic that brought the travel industry to all but a standstill.

It was a scary, uncertain time and I don't think you will find a human on the planet that would disagree. The travel industry took a huge hit and there was absolutely nothing we could do. But we did do. We did our part and stayed home and when it was safe, we slowly started to travel again.

The pandemic took it's toll on us all and travel agents were not excluded. Some of us did not return. We put away our suitcases and filed our passports away. I did not. I am a survivor and when I believe in something, I do all I can to see it through. Slowly, I began to rebuild my business and began to plan amazing vacations again.

September 2022 brought big changes to my life when I was able to step away from my full time job in the Sleep Lab and take a part time position. This was so scary but so worth it! I was able to add 2 whole days to my schedule that I could devote to growing my business and planning even more magical vacations! I added Disney Cruise Line to my destinations that I hold expert knowledge on and fell in love with Disney Magic at Sea! Just in my first year with only working part time in the sleep lab, I doubled the amount of clients I was able to service!

That brings us to today! I have officially left the field of Sleep and have now dedicated my full time work hours to travel and vacation planning and I could not be happier nor more excited to see what the future holds for me and my family! Being able to do a job that is your absolute passion, is just the most amazing feeling! I know the sky is truly the limit and there is no place too far I can't go!


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