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Money for the Mouse

It is no secret a trip to Walt Disney World can be quite expensive. Through the years I have found a few ways to make my trips a little less costly without cutting out any of the magic!


Did you know you can use Disney gift cards to pay for just about anything related to your Walt Disney World vacation? Well you can, even to make payments towards a vacation package. Here are a few ways to get those gift cards for a fraction of the cost, if not free.

-Target REDCard

When you have a Target REDCard you will save 5% of all of your purchases at Target, including gift cards.

- Sam's Club and Costco often sell Disney gift cards at discount.


- If you have a Disney Visa you can not only be eligible for discounts and special perks throughout Walt Disney World Resort, but you can also earn reward points and redeem them on your vacation.


- You those codes that come in your Disney movies, if you enter them into the Disney Movie Rewards website you can earn points for them. Those points can be redeemed for a variety of items, one of those being Disney gift cards!


- There are often discounts released by Disney on room rates, tickets and even dining plans. You can easily have these discounts applied if your reservation meets the qualifications. Just make sure you do the math as those discounts will often require you to upgrade your package to something you may not need or even want.

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