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Why Disney vacations are my ONLY vacations!

Hello! I am Veronica! I have just started this little venture into helping create magical Disney vacations for others, but I am not new at all to traveling to Walt Disney World. Anyone who has ever met me can and will tell you I am a bit addicted to all things Disney. If I am not at Walt Disney World I am probably planning my next trip while watching a Disney movie! I just enjoy all things Disney and I just can't seem to get enough!

So a little background about me. I am a wife and mom of 2, a girl AJ (14) and a boy Kade (11). My daughter does not seem to share my love of Disney but I am confident that phase will pass as will these annoying teenage years! My son, however, is probably just as much of a DisNerd as myself. My husband also shares my passion, however, he is more of a Star Wars geek. Luckily for us, Star Wars is now Disney too!